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Why Choose VA Lending Group


“During our 30 years of combined experience helping homeowners refinance & purchase homes, we came to a crossroads. One path led to running with the pack, being good to average at all types of loans (Conventional, FHA, & VA). The other path led to being EXPERTS AT VA LOANS which would allow us to deepen our knowledge, systems, and provide better value to our clients. Our decision was clear, working with & for veterans was not only the most rewarding, but we truly believe it is the best loan available to any homeowner.”

VA Lending Group Team

Code of Honor

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Putting the veteran’s needs first
  • Attentive A+ service from beginning to end
  • Simplicity in Process
  • High Value
  • Low Cost
  • Giving Back
  • Open Line of Communication